Monday, December 31, 2007

Outsourcing Birth to India

Its finally here folks, now you can outsource the birth of your baby to India. We outsource everything else why not babys as well? What mother in her right mind wants to be overtaken by an "alien" for 9 months? What sane woman wants to go through 38 hours of labor? Now all you have to do is ship an impregnated egg via FedEx overnight to India and they will do the rest. They will find a willing woman who needs some cash on the side and you get a part number to track the progress of your baby. When your baby is born they ship it back to you overnight, via FedEx again and boom you are a parental unit ready to go. And since you spent so much money with them they will throw in this really cool bumper sticker. I know this will be a hit in Hollywood and its going to put the plastic surgeons out of business. Look out Dr 90210 the future is here and youre not in it.

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