Friday, January 29, 2010

Recycle Your Animals Bumper Sticker

Recycle Your Animals Bumper Sticker
originally uploaded by Dorado 70.
I have only two words for this Recycle Your Animals Bumper Sticker... Creepy and Hide your pets. If you are into this kinda madness get yours today.


Jennifer said...

Yeah. WTF? I saw one of these yesterday for the first time.
Are they trying to say to eat your animals? Maybe burying them in the proper way when the pass on?

Nasikuning said...

Aww, thats hurt me. Well, the bumper sticker is not intended to be serious, but they are useful for keeping your mind works on the streets. At least the bumper get you shocked and stay away from distraction

Anonymous said...

It's from the movie Fight Club


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